Community Partner Spotlight: Standard Paints

Standard Paints is a long-standing business that was incorporated in 1952 in Dallas.  In August of 1999, Standard Paints relocated to Mansfield.  In Mansfield, the new facility allows for the production that exceeds 10,000 gallons of paint daily.  In addition, they produce in excess of 60,000 gallons of resins and solvents.  Standard Paints prides itself on providing quality paints at an affordable price. That’s why they boast serving some of their original customers after more than 40 years of service!  

While Standard Paints’ goal is to provide quality products to the metroplex, they are also dedicated to helping those in need.  Standard Paints has been a staunch supporter of Mansfield Cares.  They believe in helping to make sure that families and children have access to nutritious food and that all children should have well-fitting shoes.  They believe that students should have the opportunity of furthering their education through scholarships. And so they give to Mansfield Cares to support those local charities that provide those very things to our Mansfield students and their families in need.

Standard Paints believes in Mansfield and the people living here.  They are dedicated to making lives better. Thank you Standard Paints for your generosity and support!

You can join them and other businesses at this year’s Mansfield Cares Charity Ball on Saturday, February 22, 2020 as they are one of our sponsors for the event. Together we can all work to make Mansfield an even better place for all who call this home.


Chris Gensheer is the Founder of Empathy Marketing Group and writes for Mansfield Cares because they believe local charities working to help their neighbors deserve to be supported. To find out more about Mansfield Cares and all the good they do for Mansfield, visit them at