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What is Mansfield Cares?

Mansfield Cares is the No. 1 fund-raiser for charitable organizations within the Mansfield community. For over 20 years, we have raised money for local 501(c) charities allowing them time to

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Mansfield, your local charities need you!

We know you strive to be a confident and helpful contributor to the Mansfield community and you want to support local charities in meaningful ways. But there are so many

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Teaching Kids About Business Can Actually Solve Lots of Problems….including Hunger

Entrepreneurship is the solution to abject poverty. We know that the hunger epidemic in the US isn’t due to a lack of food. It is due to a lack of

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Six Facts About Hunger in the US

Every year, millions of Americans are affected by hunger and food shortage. Yet the reality is that the hunger crisis isn’t due to a shortage in food supplies, but due

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Fun Times and Supporting the Front Lines of Community Need

 Mansfield Cares Gala and Giving to Charities in Need The annual Mansfield Cares Gala is always a can’t miss event. It’s a fun time with a veritable whos-who in the

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Here’s How We Can Eliminate Poverty from Schools

Reducing the Impact of Poverty in the Classroom Over 15 million children live in extreme poverty and don’t know where they’ll get their next meal from. Poverty affects a child’s

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What Does Poverty Do to Children?

Here’s What Poverty Really Does to Children In the midst of all crises facing humanity, we tend to gloss over one of the biggest evils in society: children living in

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