Community Partner Spotlight: Sports Clips

Sports Clips are located in over 1,800 locations.  However, the Sports Clips in Mansfield is special to us.  The Sports Clips in Mansfield is a true leader in our community.  Their vision of being a partner in the community is evident in their involvement in Mansfield’s many activities, events, and charities. 

Sports Clips believes in serving the community and helping Mansfield be the best place to live.  Sports Clips has been a supporter of the fight against hunger.  They host food drives and participate in the distribution of nutritious food to those in need.  They are also a supporter of Mansfield Cares.  Their support assists in providing shoes and scholarships to MISD students.

Mansfield Cares wants to thank Mansfield Sports Clips for their many contributions.  Sports Clips is helping make Mansfield a better place.

You can join them and other businesses at this year’s Mansfield Cares Charity Ball on Saturday, February 22, 2020, as they are one of our sponsors for the event. Together we can all work to make Mansfield an even better place for all who call this home.


Chris Gensheer is the Founder of Empathy Marketing Group and writes for Mansfield Cares because they believe local charities working to help their neighbors deserve to be supported. To find out more about Mansfield Cares and all the good they do for Mansfield, visit them at