Mansfield Cares, Common Ground team up to help community

Mansfield Cares has worked with Common Ground Network for years to support local food pantries and Mansfield’s only food bank, Harvesting in Mansfield.
Mansfield Cares raises funds through events to donate to the food pantries, HIM and other charities in the city.
“Mansfield Cares is one of those neat organizations,” said Jerry Ritchie, director of missions at Walnut Ridge Baptist and a member of Common Ground. “The people have phenomenal hearts to meet those in need. Everything that Common Ground does is through donations, and Mansfield Cares is one of the major donors.”
When the COVID-19 pandemic began, the need for food pantries and food banks multiplied. People lost jobs and family members. Children began virtual schooling, and there were no free or reduced lunches for those who were already struggling.
Common Ground and Mansfield Cares stepped up to help the seven local pantries and HIM.
“There were some large dollar amounts distributed at the beginning of the pandemic,” Ritchie said. “Mansfield Cares came back and said ‘We’d like to give you more.’ Mansfield Cares gives a large lump sum to those pantries.
“Some of those pantries would look different without that money,” Ritchie said. “Some are shoestring operations that people operate out of their pockets.”
The partnership between Mansfield Cares, Common Ground and the local food pantries is a winning combination that helps provide for people in need in the community.
“Mansfield Cares has got the heart,” Ritchie said. “They are in the trenches raising money so other can be out there doing it.”