What is Mansfield Cares?

Mansfield Cares is the No. 1 fund-raiser for charitable organizations within the Mansfield community. For over 20 years, we have raised money for local 501(c) charities allowing them time to focus on directly helping those in need. We are 40-plus volunteers strong. We strive to make giving a fun experience and create enjoyable events to raise money throughout the year. We put the “fun” into fund-raising!


Who are these 40-plus volunteers?

We are members of your local community. We span across many industries including retail, sales, banking, medical, manufacturing, private business enterprises and more. What we have in common is a desire to serve others.

What kind of organizations does Mansfield Cares help?

Charities supported in the recent past include but are not limited to: Feed the Kids, numerous Mansfield food pantries, shoes for the MISD Back to School Bash, and college scholarships for MISD seniors.

What kind of events do you sponsor?

We recently decided to spread our wings and conduct fun fund-raising events year-round. Examples of fun events include: our annual Charity Ball, wine-tasting, and our Viva Las Mansfield Casino night. The need for help is growing as our community grows.

What makes Mansfield Cares unique?

What makes us unique is that we ask ourselves: “How can we raise money while having fun?” We provide support to numerous local organizations, not just one. We stay local and we are local.

How can I help?

We are all-inclusive in our membership. As volunteers, we have day jobs and we can always use another pair of hands. If your time is limited, we hope that you join in the fun and be sure to let others know. If you are able to provide sponsorship, we would truly appreciate the help.

Do you have a Facebook page?

Yes, please visit us at Mansfield Cares.